Top 8 Natural Remedies for Seasonal and Environmental Threats

The Rise of the Histamines

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Let me just say it- POLLEN SUCKS. It’s great for the bees and the plants and butterflies and whatever- but for you and me and all other humans… no thanks.

My car is literally coated in green.

Anyway, most people are afflicted with allergies. And while doctors normally prescribe pharmaceuticals like antihistamines, they’re not good for your body and may actually make allergy symptoms worse.

So I’ve compiled a bomb list for natural remedies, that can only help your body heal!

Wave Goodbye To Seasonal/Environmental Threats! 

  • Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet-
    • Lots of fresh leafy greens, veggies, and fruit.
    • Add in garlic! Natural antibiotic and immune booster. For most powerful, eat it raw
    • Lemons are amazing at detoxing the body and keeping it ‘alkaline’ (in balance)
  • Take Probiotics-
    • Everyone has bacteria in their gut, but most people have way more bad bacteria than good bacteria. A really good soil based probiotic (like these) helps rebalance the gut, which really increases your immune system and decreases allergies!
  • Eat Local Raw Honey-
    • This may sound counterintuitive, but it’s hella not. By taking a daily dose of this, your body will natural build up a tolerance to the local pollen! It is recommended you take 1 TBS daily, whether in tea, oatmeal, smoothies, etc. Remember though- it has to be raw and local, if it has been heated up you will lose the potency, and if it’s not local you won’t be building up your immune system against the local pollen. Check your local farmers market! 
  • Use a Neti Pot-
    • This clears sinuses and removes congestion, naturally relieving allergy symptoms. (like this one) or (this one!)
  • Frankincense Essential Oil-
    • You didn’t think i would go a whole post without mentioning the King of Essential Oils, did you?
    • Frankincense boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, and heals the entire body. You can rub it (diluted) onto chest, or diffuse in your home, or take a couple drops under your tongue daily. (i only use Doterra’s Frankincense because it is the highest quality out there! Many essential oils are cheap and full of fillers, they will actually cause harm to your body! Check out more here)
  • Drink Stinging Nettle Tea-
    • This is a remedy that dates back to medieval times..!
    • It can treat a wide rage of health concerns, and naturally controls histamines which is why it’s so great for allergies! (check it out here)
  • Doterra’s TriEase Softgels Seasonal Blend
    • TriEase Softgels were developed to protect against seasonal and environmental elements and to promote a healthy respiratory system when needed most. Each softgel contains equal parts of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils, known for their ability to maintain clear breathing and a healthy immune response when combined together.”
    • You can purchase these through my site on Doterra! Which is linked here. ***If you wish to get more involved with oils, have questions, or wish to become a member and save 20% on each order plus earn points towards future orders- let me know! Send me an email or DM me on my Instagram @awellspringoflife!** 
  • Drink lots of water, sleep 8 hours a night, don’t eat sugar, processed foods, dairy, or conventional grains. 

I’m telling you, if you incorporate just a couple of these into your daily life you will see a difference!

Comment below if you’ve had any experience with these natural remedies!

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Why You Need A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Time to Beautify and Detoxify that Air!


The Himalayan Salt Lamp is becoming increasingly more popular (and for good reason). No longer are only the hippies using rocks in their homes, but the average joe is as well! These beautiful lamps offer a wide range of health benefits, and thankfully don’t cost a ton. Adding Himalayan Salt Lamps into your home is an easy and effective way to ramp up your healthy living without actually having to change your lifestyle.

Top Benefits of Salt Lamp

1. Cleanses the Air

oH. yes. The Himalayan salt lamps attract the water molecules from the surrounding area and absorb the foreign particles with it; dust, smoke, pollen, toxins, etc. When the salt lamp is turned on and starts to heat up, the water molecules are then released back into the air but the nasties remain.

2. Reduces Allergy & Asthma Symptoms

So of course, when you reduce the amount of dust and pollen in your living space, you also reduce the chance of allergy flare-ups!

3. Neutralizes Electromagnetic Radiation

Everyone is constantly surrounded by some sort of electronic device. Phone, Computer, TV, Appliances, etc. There have been studies that show long term exposure can cause increased stress, chronic fatigue, and even decrease the body’s immune system! The Himalayan Salt Lamp can neutralize the electromagnetic radiation, so make sure to keep it near any potentially dangerous devices.

4. Increased Energy and Mood

Abbreviated Science Lesson; the majority of ions in our homes are positive, which aren’t exactly the best for our bodies. You may have noticed that then you’re in fresh, clean, outdoor air you experience a certain invigorating feeling– we’ll that’s mostly due to the concentration of negative ions. Himalayan Salt Lamps, when releasing the air particles back into the air, actually transform those ions from positive to negative! So you increase your exposure to those super healthy ions in your very own home.

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Rupi Kaur “The Sun and her Flowers”

You can start with only one and keep it in your room, bathroom, living room, etc. Over time, gradually build up your stash to have one in every area of your home! (Plus, what a freakin’ awesome gift!)


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