East – the beginning

We stayed in Pennsylvania a couple nights ago. We were greeted with a beautiful, long awaited thunderstorm, lush green trees and all of the wild sunflowers bursting with their bright yellow faces.

Feels like home already.

There’s just something about the east that is so comforting and homey that the other parts of the US don’t have. It may not have crazy unique parks or landmarks, but it is beautiful. We drove up and down and side to side looking for our ‘home,’ and all along it was right above us somewhere on the east side. We’re being as patient as we possibly can to finally discover our home. I am absolutely aching inside to decorate it. Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse.

I’ve also been craving pizza and twizzlers. I’ve resisted for a good amount of time, but I don’t know how much longer I can last under the pressure. When the body wants something, it almost always gets what it wants sooner or later. (PS I’m not some health food snob, but after sitting for hours on hours every day I start to feel frumpy and try to eat healthy to combat that. But lets be honest…there’s just something about road trips and junk food that go so well together.)

UPDATE- I have satisfied my junk food craving with a full, delicious meal from Wendy’s. best decision in a very long time.

We’ve been hit — by the Heat Wave

We have been looking forward to sun and warm weather for months.

Months I tell you.

Traveling since late February, in Alaska for the summer, we had missed out on the well-known and desired beach weather. Shorts, tanktops, flip flops, dresses.. all lost beneath the heavy winter clothes.

But at last! Montana! It brought sunshine and water and dark nights…. and the lovely heat.

But oh. no.

The heat is great … when you have a working AC unit. It keeps the air flowin’ and the temp down when you’re sitting in a 30 ft travel trailer. Keeps people happy. Keeps everything working together in a beautiful harmony.

Ours, of course, decided to not work. When we needed the AC, the wonderful cool air, the thing decided it’s kaput. We’ve barely used the thing because it’s been cold so how come it’s not working? WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

Irony, friends. It’s a jerk.

So, what do you do when it’s too hot outside? When it’s too hot inside? When you can’t escape the stifling heat?

Fans. fans fans fans.

We tried opening all of the windows, but that really only works when there’s a breeze. So we drove an hour each way into town to buy fans. And even still it’s nearly unbearable.

You can’t sleep, can’t read, can’t think. You can only sit in a hot, uncomfortable, nearly unbearable state and constantly remind yourself how hot you are.

So, I decided to also make some ice cream. Some delicious dairy-free strawberry ice cream with only three ingredients- full fat coconut milk, strawberries, and maple syrup. I can’t wait to surprise James with this wonderful gift of delicious coldness.

And we might buy a small kitty pool. Because that sounds divine.

Glacier National Park

We made it to Montana!  And we are lovin’ it. Well, Glacier National Park that is.


Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 9.43.53 AM

^^ if you look closely, there are two deer near the water’s edge, they were drinking earlier.

Lemme tell ya, this place is one heck of a beauty. The colors of the water are incredible. We’ve been able to stay for a couple days and have managed to do some hiking, swimming, canoeing, photographing, animal-spying, and eating (yum yum.)

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 9.42.43 AM

(beaver bringing some goodies back to the hut)

As far as wildlife checklist goes : deer, beavers, mountain goats, bighorn ram, and a grizzly bear. (!!)

There were a ton of mountain goats in the upper side of the park when you drive up ‘Going-To-The-Sun’ road, that was really neat. The adult goats were all wearing these large, boofy collars for the gps tracking, I cannot imagine how annoying those things are. And they all had one baby – no idea what a young mountain goat is called- and two of them were play fighting which was adorable of course.

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 9.41.36 AM

Now, the water was pretttttyyyyy cold. We were so so hoping that we could go hiking and just get into a nearby creek or lake whenever we got hot…. but it didn’t turn out quite as we hoped. You really couldn’t stay in it for that long unless of course you’re used to swimming around in 73 degree water which sounds a lot warmer than it actually is. But we still had fun of course. It’s been ages since we’ve seen the warm sun and been in water, so we enjoyed it as much as we possibly could.

A word to the hikers —– the national park trail map and signs aren’t quite up to snuff. The map doesn’t specify the length of the trail, nor is it very specific in what other trails coincide with it. And the signs .. or lack of… aren’t the best at giving directions either. You’ve gotta rely on those inner nature explorer skills (probably just common sense to most.)

Another cool thing is there was a meteor shower one night! And because we were out hiking late, James was able to capture the milky way and meteors over the mountains. (I … however.. was tired and cold and a bit crabby so I slept in the car.)

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 9.38.44 AM

Our next journey will be Yellowstone ! Yay! Something we’ve both been looking forward to since we started this great road trip of a lifetime.