Super Food = Super Skin

The Glow That Never Goes



Yes we all love our beauty products- those precious creams and lotions and toners and masks and serums and treatments and massages and and and.

As beneficial as these products are, without a properly balanced diet there’s only so much a topical product and do.

There are certain foods called ‘superfoods.’ These specific foods are so full of healing properties and health benefits that it’s really almost a sin to deprive your body of them. There are an insane amount of superfoods, but for the sake of time and life, I’m going to highlight some specific ones that are especially beneficial for the skin-

Avocados-They may not look the prettiest, but boy oh boy do you need to hop on that avocado toast train ASAP. Avocados (or Avo’s like the cool people say) (jk I have no idea if thats true) are FULL of healthy fats, specifically Omega 9. These help keep the skin firm and dewy, regenerates damaged skin cells, and reduces inflammation.

Blueberries– These pretty babies look and taste delicious, so it’s like a win win win win win win all day long. Blueberries are chock-full of antioxidants and vitamin A. They fight and neutralize free radicals which are known to damage skin cells and reduce collagen, they also normalize the skin’s production of oil, and help those with acne-prone skin.

Turmeric– Looks like something the dog would dig up, but it tastes like those delicious indian cuisine meals. Turmeric has insane anti-inflammatory properties. Most diseases are caused from an excess of inflammation. So by reducing inflammation, you also reduce wrinkles, increased aging, sagging skin, tired eyes, eczema, etc.

Bone broth– Just your average collagen and nutrition packed powerhouse beverage that tastes like chicken soup. Bone broth soothes the digestive system and fights inflammation; both keep that skin looking pretty, oh so pretty.

Lemon– Tasty and tarte, yellow and friend of a fellow. Lemons are filled with Vitamin C, which neutralize free radicals, help create collagen and elastin, alkalize body, and detox toxins from the body.

Salmon– Oh silly, you didn’t really think you would be able to read a blog post about food for skin and not hear about salmon, did you? Salmon are full of the Omega 3 healthy fat; which protect the skin from sun exposure, repair damaged skin, keep cells hydrated, and reduces toxins.

Not mentioned SuperFoods- 



A big glass of red wine with a bath and a great book


So there ya have it, lovies. Some great food to add into your diet. Best part is that they all taste delicous! So no gagging for beautiful skin, taste great- look great.




Put Honey on Your Face

I Just Can’t Get Enough of You, Honey


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Many of you might be confused by this statement. “Why honey? I thought that was only something used to sweeten our biscuits and tea?”

Alas, there is much more to honey than being the natural and healthy substitute for refined sugar. Honey has been used on skin for centuries. It is speculated that Cleopatra used honey to wash her face, keeping it blemish free and glowing. Those bees know what they’re doing when they make that honey.

Benefits of Raw Honey


Balances Skin PH level


Full of Antioxidants and Nutrients

Honey is literally a one-stop-shop for all of your skin care needs! It keeps breakouts at bay, keeps skin supple and moisturized which prevents wrinkles, and with all of the antioxidants your skin will be so clean and healthy!

However! Like all things in life- quality is extremely important. Those bear shaped honey containers have been processed so there is nothing good left! The key is raw, unfiltered honey, preferably local. That honey hasn’t been heated, so none of the beneficial nutrients has been killed. The absolute best honey is Manuka honey, but it is quite expensive so raw honey will do just fine.

How To Wash Your Face With Honey:


1-2 Tsp of Raw Honey


Hot & cold Water

*optional* add in a drop of an essential oil for added benefits


1. Dampen face with warm wash cloth

3. Massage honey onto face with fingers in small, circular motions.

4. Leave on for at least 30 seconds, but 10-15 minutes is best.

5. Run the washcloth under really hot water (but don’t burn yourself now.)

6. Then place over your face to kind of steam it for about thirty seconds or until the washcloth isn’t hot anymore.

Et viola! Adding honey into your skincare routine is super simple and has a ton of benefits- win win win all around.