How To Protect Your Hands From Sun Damage

Your Hands will be forever in your favor

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We all know that the sun is great, but all of that sun exposure comes at a cost. You may love lookin’ bronzed and beautiful, but without proper protection you will end up with wrinkles, sun spots, sagging skin, and maybe even skin cancer!

You’ve heard me say it a million times, and I’m sure you’ve read it a million times more – ALWAYS put sunscreen on your face. Check this blog post for why.

BUT… While you’re taking care of your face, neck, and décolletage… you’re forgetting about one important thing- your hands.

the backs of your hands.

Plastic Surgery gives women the ability to take tens of years off their face, but you can always really tell how old a woman is by her hands.

The skin on our hands is actually pretty thin, similar to that on our face. And when you think about it, your hands are always in the front line of battle. Whenever you’re outside, driving, walking.. those hands have seen the light of day- every day of your life.

So of course we say, oh! Just put sunscreen on them– religiously because you’re going to wash your hands and inevitably wash off the sunscreen. I’ve tried this.. and I’ll tell you right now I do not have the willpower to constantly think about/obsess over my hands. It’s just not gonna happen. I’ll either forget about it entirely, or only do it once.

But may I please have the honor of introducing you to my most ingenious discovery yet–


These things are the BOMB. Not only do they provide adequate sun protection, but they are fingerless, have grip on the bottom, and they can never get “washed off”! Plus I kinda feel like a badass while wearing them- driving gloves? very cool.

These ones are probably designed for those who participate in outdoor activities; biking, kayaking, etc. But your girl is using them for driving. Being in Florida where it’s sunny all the time, my hands are always getting some sun on them.

But you know I’ll also use them for anytime I’m outside for an extended period of time!

I’m really excited about these, and for 25 bucks I think they are a really great investment for you to age well.

Remember, the goal is not to avoid aging. Because that’s impossible. It’s simply to have the knowledge of how to age wisely.

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Ingredient Spotlight Series: Hemp Oil

Hippie’s Skin Care

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Now, now, don’t get all crazy on me. I’m not here taking a stand on the cannabis movement, I’m just trying to tell you about this really awesome, light, highly absorbable, non-comedogenic oil. For my fellow ladies out there who break out easily or have oily skin- this is the oil for you. I have used Hemp Oil for years so I’m pretty much an expert.

“Hemp oil or hempseed oil is obtained by pressing hemp seeds. Cold pressed, unrefined hemp oil is dark to clear light green in color, with a nutty flavor.”  Wikipedia

Unlike cannabis oil, Hemp Oil only contains trace amounts of THC so it won’t alter your state of mind or anything. just your skin.

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Skin

  • Hemp Oil has the ability to penetrate the inner layers of the skin, promoting healthy cell growth.
  • The fats/lipids contained in hemp oil are actually extremely similar to the ones found in our own skin, making it a super effective moisturizer. Because it absorbs so easily, it beefs up the protecting agent our skin needs.
  • Increases elasticity, giving that beautiful glow to dull, dry, tired skin.
  • Will reduce redness from irritation caused from acne and psoriasis.
  • Helps eliminate oily skin by effectively bringing the skin back to balance.
  • It contains a wide variety of supplements; vitamin A, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorous.
  • Super high in antioxidants, which slows down aging and cell damage.

How to Use Hemp Seed Oil for Skin

Oil Cleanser:  I have found that Hemp oil is a great oil cleanser on it’s own. I pour a little bit into my hand and rub it in tiny circles with my fingers all over my face. I then put a hot washcloth over my face, steam for a bit, then repeat the whole process. Then follow up with your typical routine.

Skin Moisturizer: Yes it is a miraculous oil for moisturizing, but I have found through experience that this pretty green machine will STAIN. clothes, pillowcases, sheets, covers, etc. I don’t recommend using this alone.

TIPS: Hemp Oil is a sensitive one, so it needs to be kept in the fridge. For best quality, buy organic, unrefined, cold pressed. Like this one.

I encourage you to hop on that Hemp train!


DIY Shimmering Goddess Highlighter

Boy, Bye

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We all thought highlighter has been poppin’ since 2014… but way back in the 1500’s they were using it. So you know it’s a product you need to be usin’. Highlighter gives you that added glow, and defines some of your best features (eyes, cheekbones, etc.) Like all makeup though, you gotta be careful with the ingredients. Back in the day people were using toxic ingredients, but we should know better now.

There are natural highlighters made with perfect ingredients, like this one. But yo girl likes to save money and stretch her creative fingers.

Alright my beauty babes, let’s get to work.


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Star Dust Luminizer 

(this will make about 3 containers, perfect for gifts)



  • Make a Double Broiler or Fill A Medium Sized Pot 1/2 Way Full With Water
  • Place a Glass Pyrex Measuring Cup In the Pot
  • Combine All Ingredients In The Pyrex And Heat Over Medium Heat Until Melted
  • Stir Periodically To Keep Everything Well Mixed
  • Once Melted, Pour Into Jar.
  • Continue To Stir As Everything Hardens To Stay Mixed

And that’s it! Slightly warm up with finger tips and apply to upper cheeks, brow bones, inner eyes, right above upper lip, and maybe even all over your lid! It really adds such a lovely, youthful glow to your face. If you haven’t discovered the magic of highlighters.. I HIGHLY recommend you try this one!

(If you prefer keeping your makeup super sanitary, you can apply the highlighter with beauty blender or brush!)

If you do make this lovely highlighter, take a photo on instagram and tag me! @awellspringoflife

I’d love to see your lovely glowing face ❤

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What’s In My *Non Toxic* Makeup Bag

No Nasties Here

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Alright my babes. Unless you’re some sort of purist, you wear SOME kind of makeup. Whether it’s just concealer or a full on fabulous face- you should be aware of what you’re putting on your skin. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs 70% of everything we put onto it. So that lipstick you love? YEAH, you’re pretty much eating it like a snack.

Every bit of conventional makeup/skincare/bodycare/cosmetic contains chemicals and toxins that can cause infertility, cancer, inflammation, sensitivities, etc. It’s not pretty. If you want to find out how many nasties your products contain, just type the name into EWG SkinDeep and they’ll rate it for you! (It’s a dope website, I look everything up on there.)

One of the first ways people can make the switch to healthier lifestyle is to gradually throw out their gross makeup and replace it with a healthy alternative. I’m not a huge makeup connoisseur, but yo’ girl likes to look nice and put together. I have compiled a list of my top faves that I use pretty much everyday. For the record, I have super sensitive skin prone to breakouts, so I have to be really careful of what oils/butters/waxes I put on my skin.


I’ve been loving this mascara! It thickens, lengthens, and it comes in a small tube so I don’t waste any product! (you should replace your mascara every three months to avoid bacteria growing in it) PLUS!! It’s only $14 !!! 

Concealer (face)

Jane Iredale has a really great option for those who are prone to breakouts. It’s nice and smooth, and melts into the skin with the warmth of your finger. The only thing I don’t like is that it comes with two colors, and I never use the lighter shade so it’s a tad wasteful.

Concealer (under eyes)

This concealer is the BOMB. It’s creamy and hides dark circles exceedingly well. Plus I feel like they have wonderful color options to match your skin. It is a bit buttery though, so I know a lot of people set it with a powder. I never do, and it does fade over the day, but I don’t care about that too much. Best part; because it’s a thicker consistency you only need a little bit, so this puppy lasts a looooong time. 


I usually wear a light oil beneath it, (hemp seed oil) because my face is a little on the drier side. But I looooooove this formula. It’s efficient and gives my face a really nice natural glow.

Eyebrow Tint

Glossier is like the bridge between 100% natural and conventional. The ingredients are pretty good, not perfect, but still really good. I love how this product keeps my brows in place while also making them look thicker and darker, but still super natural. The product lasts a really long time too.

Eyeliner (liquid)

Every once in awhile I like to look fancy and give myself a cat eye. I think it looks really sexy and it doesn’t require too much skill. This eyeliner has a really nice applicator, and the actual liner lasts a long time. But beware, if you have oils near your eyes the liner will come off.


Coola is great. There’s not weird white tint or nasty taste. And it gives your lips a nice sheen, and is slightly moisturizing.

Red Lip Stain

I have seriously just begun to wear any sort of tint on my lips (..23 years old.) I love this color and this consistency. It does wear off over time, and leave a slight slight tint, but you should really reapply it if you want something super intense.

And that’s it! My main focus is always healthy skin, so I definitely care a lot more about how my skin looks without makeup.

**What are your favorite Natural Beauty Products?**

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DIY Hydrating & Exfoliating Lip Scrub

Lippity Bippity BOP: Pretty Lips For You

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If you read my previous blog post here, you will know that exfoliation is one of the key steps to keeping your lips “kissable.” Constantly unveiling new, young cells keeps the lips from looking old and dull. You can of course buy a lip scrub like this one, but it can be much cheaper (and more fun) to make your own!

So whether you’re ballin’ on a budget, or an artsy fartsy type– here’s a simple yet effective recipe for your lips:

DIY Luscious Lip Scrub 


1 TBS Oil (coconut, almond, olive, any oil works!)

2 TBS Sugar (white, brown, coconut, etc)

Small Glass Container With Lid

Optional: Two Drops Of Your Preferred Essential Oil ( I like Peppermint, it’s so invigorating!)


Mix oil and sugar, then the essential oils, and blend! If you want to make a larger batch, keep the same ratio 1 part oil to 2 parts sugar. These also make great gifts!

TIP: if you want, you can make a much larger batch and actually use it on your body as a body scrub! Just NOT your face, the manual exfoliation is way too harsh for your gentle skin.

And that’s it! Super super simple, and cost effective.

Do you have any other tips for keeping your lips nice and pretty?




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How To Achieve Your Best Lips

Pucker Up

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Who doesn’t want beautiful, lustrous, pouty lips? Kissable lips have always been in style. But like everything else in regards to beauty, you need to treat them well. It’s fairly easy to keep your best lips forward:

Natural Beauty Tips for Lips: 

  • Keep Lips Hydrated

Our body is composed of about 50-60% of water, which hello, is a ton of water. So of course when our body becomes dehydrated, it immediately begins to show effects; firstly with the skin (aka lips.) Dehydration causes both dry lips and loss of natural color. Drink water throughout the entire day, and eat a diet rich in water; fruits, cucumbers, celery, etc.

  • Stop Licking and Biting Your Lips

Although it seems weird, saliva can actually further dry out your lips. And extended dryness can lead to darkening of lips. Both biting and licking is actually an idiosyncrasy caused from anxiousness. It is best to break this habit, as it can cause harsh damage. The best way to kick the habit to the curb is wearing a flavored lip balm as it will remind you to not lick and bite.

  • Lay off the Lipsticks

Lipsticks are made up of wax, pigments, fragrance, oils, and unfortunately, alcohol. And if you are not careful with choosing natural beauty products, conventional lipsticks contain very harsh chemicals that damage your lips. Try and find all natural lipsticks made with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.

  • Use SPF

You must know by now how harsh the sun is on our skin, causing accelerated aging; wrinkles, dark spots, loss of elasticity, etc. This is also true for the skin on your lips, so make sure you use lip products with SPF.

  • Keep Wrinkles Away

Sun exposure, age, and smoking all contribute to those small lines the encompass the lips. Make sure you are doing all you can prevent them, including consistently using a hydrating cream on your lips.

  • Exfoliation Is King

Cells are constantly being shed, unveiling a new, fresh, young layer of cells that keep the skin soft and supple. The skin naturally does this, but to speed up the process exfoliation is the answer. By manually exfoliating once a week, you encourage the skin to shed cells more often, keeping the skin looking youthful for longer.

And there you have it! Simple, yet crucial tips for keeping kissable lips.

Now, go use them wisely ❤

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#1 Rule For Healthy Aging

Sun- Friend or Foe? or Frenemy?

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Just because it’s winter and grey and cloudy and cold.. DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD STOP WEARING SUNSCREEN. you need it all year long. And lemme tell you why:

The sun is great, it’s one of my best friends. I love the sun. I love the heat, I love the bright sunshine, I love being able to wear shorts and tank-tops and pretty dresses, I love being able to be outside. I love the sun.


Your skin and the sun, however, aren’t as close. They kind of have this love/hate relationship. But it’s kind of one way deal because the sun, as far as I know, doesn’t really care about anyone.

But I digress.

Your skin needs the sun because it provides the best form of vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is extremely important for your overall health; increased brain function, better sleep, regulating hormones, reducing depression, enhancing immune system, etc. It also can help PREVENT certain forms of skin cancer with certain, safe exposure to UVB rays. Sun exposure can also help with certain skin diseases such as acne and psoriasis, by enhancing skin barrier functions.

So I’m not saying to stay inside away from all forms of sunlight, your body obviously needs the sun to stay alive. They key here is to be smart about your sun exposure.

The #1 way to stay safe is sunscreen.

Too much sun can cause a whole host of problems:

  • Age spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Loss of collagen
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Cancer

Sunscreen is especially important. But make sure you’re buying sunscreen with the physical barrier, and not chemical. Zinc oxide and the like provide a physical barrier on your skin, so the rays actually bounce off. Whereas a chemical sunscreen actually sinks into your pores… gross.

And as always, always buy non-toxic products. If you buy a sunscreen full of chemicals, you may actually cause skin cancer. (Which is so ridiculous.)

Here are my recommended favorites:

Face- Josh Rosebrook Tinted Spf 

Body- Badger SPF 30 unscented, tinted

Let us now take on this winter with perfect, sunscreened skin.

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Mermaid Moisturizing Hair Mask

Coco Bon Bun

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buns out!

Sometimes your hair gets greasy AF, and sometimes it’s because you put a bunch of oil in it.

Just like your face, body, and organs need some extra love and care, your hair does too. The harsh water, the products, the sun, less than perfect diet- these can all take a toll on your beautiful, goddess hair. Once a week I like to take some time to give my hair and scalp some extra attention to encourage a healthy scalp, moisturized hair, and faster hair growth. Seriously, I can always tell a difference when I use a coconut oil hair mask. It’s immediately softer and shinier, like I had just removed a ton of weight.

Coconut oil has a ton of amazing benefits. You can literally use it to heal almost anything. It’s antibacterial with both lauric acid and medium-chain fatty acids that strengthens the hair, conditions the scalp, and these both encourage hair growth! Plus it’s freakin’ cheap and lasts a really long time.

This is the coconut oil I use, great stuff.

The Process

  1. So it’s been a few days and your hair is dirty and needs some washing; this is the  p e r f e c t time to use a mask.
  2. Brush your hair out and pour about 1/3-1/2 cup (depends on hair length) into a bowl and use a spoon to place it in your scalp. I like to create different parts in my hair so that it really gets into my scalp.
  3. I massage in the oil super well, and then work my way down the rest of my hair to my ends. Make sure you pay attention to your ends as these need the most TLC.
  4. Twist it up into a high knot, add in a couple drops of peppermint/rosemary on your scalp for added hair growth benefits.
  5. And let that sucker sit. Some people let it sit for a full 24 hours, some people only do 30 minutes. the longer you leave it in, the better the benefits, but anything is better than nothing.

Washing it Out

  1. Wash all of your hair, not just your scalp. (I usually only wash my scalp, but to really get all of the oil out you need to wash all of your hair.)
  2. Go back in for a second washing for just my scalp. I have had some bad experiences where my hair is still oily after washing and I look super cringy.
  3. Condition as normal!

It’s really easy and doesn’t take much effort or money. So kind of the perfect DIY. I’ll be honest, I don’t do it every week but I am going to try and be more consistent ’cause it makes me hair so happy.


after mask and a trim!

Do you use a hair mask? What has your experience been like? 


Dry Brushing=Less Cellulite

Who Doesn’t Want Silky Smooth Skin? 

IMG_0292Yes! Another interesting thing to add into your beauty routine! All you have to do is brush your bare, dry skin with a (you guessed it) brush. Pretty much the most simple thing.. like ever. And it benefits both the outside and inside of your body! Double Win.

Benefits of Dry Brushing ::

Invigorates Body

Releases Toxins

Exfoliates Skin Cells

Reduces Cellulite

Improves Circulation

Stimulates Lymphatic System

You have to use a natural fiber brush. They have specific ones for dry brushing, usually found at health food stores and of course online (like this one.) Make sure it has a long handle so that you can reach your back. It’s recommended to do it before you shower so you can wash off all of the dead skin cells that you sloughed off, and then make sure to moisturize afterwards!

How to:

Before your shower, start at the bottom of your feet and brush upwards towards your heart. You should take long, firm strokes, and brush the same area about 3-4 times, kind of overlapping each area. I have attached a diagram to help with the visual.

**Don’t brush your face or any other sensitive areas (groin, breasts)**



Now, it is going to hurt at first, probably the first couple times. So just be gentle until your body gets used to it. I went super gentle at first, especially in my inner thighs because it was so sensitive, but now it actually feels really good. My body afterwards feels so so soft and smooth, that’s worth it for me right there. I practice this every night before my shower, and it only takes a couple minutes. It kind of gets me in the zone for my “night time me routine.”

So, give it a couple tries and let me know what you think!


Why You Need To Start Steaming Your Face

Hot and Steamy

Never heard of face steaming before? Well, get ready..

Face steaming is pretty much exactly what it sounds like; putting your freshly cleaned face over steaming water, sometimes with herbs or oils, and stay there for about 5-10 minutes. No gimmicks or tricks, just plain old skin and steam.

Although it is pretty simple, steaming your face is packed with tons of benefits.

Why You should Start Steaming Your Face

Deep pore cleansing– When the hot steam is penetrating your skin, the face begins to sweat, detoxing the skin and gently removing dirt and grime.

Relaxation- You may not think it, but being immersed in steam is very relaxing. This calms your mind and body, which makes your skin glow.

Increased effectiveness of other treatments- When your skin is properly cleansed, serums and masks can fully penetrate with skin, making them more effective.


How to Achieve a Facial Steam

Bring a pot of water to a boil.

Transfer to a glass bowl.

Drape a towel over your head and the bowl, trapping the steam.

Keep face close enought to the steam so that you can feel it, but not so close that it’s burning or overheating.

Stay here for 5-10 minutes.

Only do this once per week.

Optional: Add herbs, flowers, or essential oils to water for added skin benefits.

Tip: If you have a severe skin condition, please consult a physician beforehand. Some may find that steaming their face actually worsens their skin condition.

Maybe add this to your weekend ‘take some time for me’ routine, or to wind down after a long day. Your skin will really enjoy this wonderful treat!