How To Reduce Waste in Your Beauty Routine

Waste Not but Want A Lot

how to reduce waste in your beauty routine. reduce, reuse, recycle.

I’m sure you’ve become increasingly aware that humans produce a lot of trash. With plastic alone, we produce 300 million tons per year! Just plastic waste! It’s a sad, sad story, but we do have the ability to change the ending. Instead of adding to the thousands of landfills, or filling the ocean with toxic chemicals and plastic… there are simple, yet extremely effective ways to simplify your routine and making it more eco friendly. Reducing waste doesn’t mean only using soap and water, you can still have your beautifully indulgent beauty routine, it just helps to be aware of what your actions cost, and ways to change that.

how to reduce waste in your beauty routine. reduce, reuse, recycle.

All of That Cotton

You need to remove that makeup, right? You need to wipe off excess soap and toner.. right? But you don’t want to ruin your towels… right? All of those cotton rounds and pads.. used once and then thrown away! What a waste. Now, I’m not saying to forgo your routine, but simply start using reusable, washable cotton rounds instead! Not only will you reduce your trash, but you’ll also never have to remember stock up while at the store or have to come into contact with those gross chemicals found in regular cotton balls like dioxins! I really love this brand!! They’re actually made of bamboo fiber, which is even better than cotton.

Time for the Blue Bin

All of that packaging down the tube.. to the trash compactor.. to the landfill. Such a shame. Did you realize you could be recycling that plastic? Look to the package/bottle for a little cycle symbol with a number inside of it. That’s your signal to put it with the recycling instead of the trash! You can also make the conscious decision to purchase glass products, that way you can reuse them afterwards, or of course recycle.

Maybe You Don’t Need That

We can get caught up in the mindset of retail obsession- “I need, I really really need that. and I need it now!” We often scoop something up that sounds amazing, looks super cool, smells divine, heard a friend rave about it, saw it while window shopping online, etc. Whatever the excuse is- you bought something you didn’t need, and now you’ve somehow ended up with a massive amount of skincare or makeup that you barely even use- it’s just taking up space. I encourage you to go through your beauty cabinet and makeup bag and get rid of those things that aren’t bringing you any good, simply taking up space. Not only will this help your amount of waste, but it will also help de-clutter your mind. Simultaneously keep in mind when you feel you need to refill an item, check your inventory and decide if you can use something else that you already own.

Shave It Off

Ladies, I am right there with ya with the pain of having to constantly shave. It’s a consistent problem that never quite gets resolved unless you’re able to afford laser hair removal. We shave so much, but if we use those disposable plastic razors we are adding thousands of razors to the landfill every year. The solution? Spend a little extra on a reusable stainless steel razor. You will spend less on the replacement blades, and it works just as well! This product is a great option for men and women!

Pearly Whites

We’re supposed to replace our toothbrush every three months, but do you realize how much plastic that amounts to? It’s kind of disgusting. Instead of buying your regular drugstore tooth brush, this time try a bamboo toothbrush. They’re all natural so they’re free of gross chemicals found in plastic, plus they’re biodegradable! A super simple way to reduce your beauty routine waste. I love this one.

So you see, it’s not so difficult to be a little eco friendly! Reducing waste is good for you and the environment! Hope you find these tips useful.




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