8 Best Essential Oils to Pack When Traveling

Don’t Take a vacation from your health

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I’ve travelled quite a bit, and whether by plane or car (or boat) there are some key essential oils you should bring with you to keep you healthy and happy! With any type of medicine you pack, it is usually for preventative measures. I don’t take all of these daily, but I love being in control of my health when I start to feel a little down.

Great part: the bottles don’t leak or break easily so you don’t have to worry about crazy padding or packing techniques!

TIP: If flying, always try to keep your oils in your carry on; could you imagine the airline losing your bag and you losing all of those precious oils!? Gah, it’s almost to hard to think about.

KEY TIP: Some of these oils I recommend ingesting, but you must ONLY USE oils that are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, anything else can cause serious internal damage. I exclusively use DoTerra because they are the cleanest and purest company out there. If you want to know more, send me a message, I’d love to talk to you about how they can change your life! Or if you already believe in the power of essentials and wanna get an amazing membership with great benefits, sign up here!

Top Oils To Bring When Traveling

Oregano– If you suddenly become feeling unwell or under the weather, this combined with On Guard and Melalueca is the ultimate sickness bomb!

On Guard– great for keeping your immune system high, and cleaning surfaces

Melalueca (Tea Tree)– A powerful oil that is purifying and fights against unwanted bacteria and pathogens. It keeps bugs away when dilutes,and is great for all sorts of cuts and scrapes

Frankincense– I take this every day to keep my immune system at it’s best, and if i have a head of neck tension, cut, scrape or scratch, etc this is the oil to take. “When in doubt, take frankincense!”

Peppermint– perfect for freshening breath, increasing energy, helping digestive problems, easing congestion, and alleviating head or neck tension.

Deep Blue– for pulled or sore muscles

Lavender– to help with sleeping and skin injuries (burns, rashes, cuts, etc)

Lemon– add to water to help with detoxing- while traveling or on vacation, we tend to eat a little bit out of our normal diet, and can use that extra detox!

What do you bring on trips to keep your health within your control? Essential Oils, Supplements, herbs? Comment below and let me know!

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