4 reasons to stop using plastic Tupperware + Why you need Glass Containers

Eat Less Plastic


We all want to help the environment, but also help ourselves right?

So reusable food containers are crucial; getting take out can be majorly expensive, unhealthy, and those styrofoam containers ARE THE WORST.

Buttttttt some food containers are healthier than others; you may have heard, but plastic is pretty bad for you. (like really bad.)

Even if you get BPA free plastic, there are still a lot of chemicals that can leach into your food. There are some strong forms of plastic, but even those can break down over time.

SIDE NOTE: If you do have plastic containers, never use them in the microwave.. the exposure to that high heat is an instant chemical party.

Harmful Side Effects of Plastic:

  • The toxins found in plastic can make you really sick (chemicals are stored in the body and break down immune system)
  • Awful for the environment (creates lots of pollution/discharge, and most plastic isn’t recycled)
  • Can cause fertility and reproductive problems
  • Can cause weight gain (the chemicals can cause stem cells to become fat cells)

Good News: There are alternatives! Glass and stainless steel containers are super popular and easily accessible. They will be more expensive at first, but the fact that you don’t have to keep repurchasing will save you money (and time.)

Benefits of Glass Containers:

  • can safely store hot foods and liquids
  • aren’t harmful to personal health or environment
  • no chemical leaching
  • cheaper in the long run

I really love my glass containers, I’m slowly building my arsenal whenever I feel like we need more. (We all lose food containers, right? Not too sure how it happens, but it does.) These my favorite glass containers: GlassLock 18 Piece Glass TupperWare Set

What kind of food containers do you use and why? Are you trying to be more conscious about how much plastic you use everyday?

hope you’re having a delicious meal today.<3




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