Beware of Toxic Beds + Natural Mattress Recommendation

sleep tight.. don’t let the chemicals bite

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Getting a good night’s rest is crucial for your health; your body resets, your hormones balance, your stress reduces. If you aren’t getting good enough rest you can unfortunately cause your body to gain weight, develop chronic diseases, and other impairments. No bueno.

But let’s talk about what you’re sleeping ON. Were you aware that all conventional mattresses are full of nasty toxins and chemicals?

Yeah. I didn’t either. Some can cause cancer, hormone imbalance, allergic reactions, heart problems… yada yada yada. It’s bad- and what’s worse is that they’re completely unnecessary (as most (all) toxins are.)

Common Chemicals Found in Mattresses

Fire Retardants

At first this sounds like a good thing… but just wait: Polyurethane is the most common fire retardant used… but it actually breaks down into VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) (yikes) (you want to avoid these). And if that’s not bad enough, when polyurethane breaks down, it can release polybrominated-biphenyl-ethers (PBDEs), which are very toxic chemicals that can stay in your body for a super long time.

So while you’re sleeping, you’re breathing all of this in. so 8 hours a day… for as long as you live…… yikes yikes yikes. scary.

If you’re still like “well, I don’t really want to have a fire suddenly bust out in my room” then you should know that there are various natural fire resistant materials that can be used; the most popular is wool. Which is actually better for your body’s ability to regulate temperate anyway.

Boric Acid

You probably recognize this ingredient by its use as a roach killer. Companies will line their mattresses with it to prevent bacteria and bed bugs.

BUT(t) you should know that Boric Acid is a seriously DANGEROUS POISON.

“Symptoms of acute exposure are deadly, especially for young babies, and can include convulsions, blistering of the skin, and even coma. Long-term exposure has been known to cause developmental and neurological problems in infants, and in adults inhalation of boric acid may result in damage of the upper respiratory tract.”

-Dr Axe

Just a thought: those babies with hardly any immune system, think about how much of an impact constant exposure to these chemical and toxins can do?


Yaaaaay- another poisonous chemical! Similar to arsenic, but instead of being a powder antimony is a metal. When exposed to this chemical it has been shown to cause reproductive problems, irritation in eyes, skin, and lungs, and super high exposure can cause liver and heart damage.

ALSO: BABIES. yes, new studies have been shown that a combination of certain chemicals, antimony included, can cause sudden infant death syndrome.


You can find this sucker in pretty much anything. (including feminine products ladies… you REALLY don’t want to expose yourself that intensely every month to some of the harshest chemicals)

But I digress, mattresses contain formaldehyde- and even though it’s not a huge exposure, the acute exposure over long periods of time (hello, like 100 years if you live that long) can cause serious problems; cancer, liver toxicity, neurotoxicity, and damage to your lymphatic system.

And from research I really can’t understand why they would even add it into mattresses…? Just for fun I guess.

My intention is not to scare you, or make you throw your mattress out and sleep on the floor. I just want to educate you, so that you have all of the information to make a sound decision for you and your budget.

Thankfully, there are various companies trying to decrease the amount of chemicals used in our mattresses. They range in price and “purity” which is great! When James and I moved into our house we didn’t have a mattress because we were previously living in a travel trailer. We actually slept on a borrowed blow up mattress for about two months.

We were blessed enough to be able to buy an Avocado Mattress. These are the BOMB.

Lemme just give you a quick run-down on why I chose them:

(all information is on their website, check it here)

Non Toxic:

  • No Poly Foams (polyurethane/VOCs)
  • No Memory Foams 
  • NO Chemical Flame Retardants
  • No Chemical Glues (button tufted by hand)
  • No Synthetic/Blended Latex
  • No Cotton Grown With Pesticides
  • GreenGuard Certified

All Natural:

  • 100% Natural Dunlop Latex Rubber

    • Harvested pure rubber sap from Hevea Brasiliensis trees in Asia (no trees are harmed) & use traditional Dunlop manufacturing process that has been used since 1929 (!!)
    • AntiMicrobial
      • Natural Latex is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, bacteria and acts as natural barrier to dust mites.
    • Breathable
      • Synthetic and memory foams actually trap your body heat and release it back to you.. which is hot and nasty and makes you hot and nasty.
      • Natural latex circulates air naturally, so your body easily regulates your body temperate. Which means better sleep. !
    • VOC free
      • No chemicals=no volatile organic compounds. CAN I GET A HECK YEAH!
    • Environmentally Friendly
      • The sap is natural, it is harvested sustainably, the rubber trees purify air and water, AND it is biodegradable!!!
  • Wool

    • Pure New Zealand Wool
    • Natural Insulation, Resilience, & Elasticity.
    • Moisture Wicking
    • Temperature Regulation Control
    • Antimicrobial & Dust Mite Resistant
    • Naturally Fire Retardant
    • Safe & Natural
  • Coils

    • Delivers More Consistent Sleep Surface
    • Sleeps Cool
    • Provides Superior Edge Support
    • Zoned in Hip & Shoulder Areas to Enhance Back & Lumbar Support
    • Reduced Mattress Weight
    • Improved Durability
  • Cotton

    • Non-toxic
    • Ventilates & Wicks Moisture
    • Antimicrobial & Dust Mite Resistant
    • Organic Global Organic Textile Standard Certified  


  • All Natural
  • Sustainable
  • Craft On Demand (no waste, made to order)
  • Handmade in California
  • Quality, not Quantity (25 year warranty!)
  • Recyclable
  • Biodegradable
  • Give Back 1% to the Planet

After re-reading all of this on their website I’m totally geeking out and so excited. Seeing companies who are so concerned with healthy and green living makes my heart sing.

I love the mattress. It’s not too soft or hard, no weird smell or anything. And my husband who is pretty picky with sleeping surfaces enjoys it!

For those of you who enjoy a softer surface, they also offer a mattress topper, as well as other natural and organic products.

They are also usually running sales, like right now is $150 off your order with code GREENHOLIDAY17 (this is not an affiliate code, I really just love their stuff and would love to see you enjoy one!)! So I would definitely wait till they have a sale or promotion of sorts if you are wanting to purchase one.

Comment below if you’ve ever thought of getting a natural mattress and which one you like!

alright, imma go take a nap now.

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