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Namaste, Beautiful Yogis

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We’ve all seen them- those girls on the internet doing crazy arm balances and stretches in beautiful scenery.. makes yoga seem like a dream, yeah? The healing, relaxing, de-stressing mind-body ritual that has been around for thousands of years, and that is now taking the world and instagram by storm. It was actually first used to center the mind before meditation, allowing a deeper, calmer, more focused meditative state. Today it is more so used as a form of exercise, a way to release stress, and a super easy way to make yourself look really, really cool.

I began my practice a couple years ago when I wanted to change my body and start exercising (at 19), but I wasn’t really into running or any other cardio. Yoga brought this wonderful way to work my entire body in a very non-strenuous way but with amazing results. Seriously, people started asking what I was doing to get so skinny and fit.

However, the yoga I was doing wasn’t hatha (slow, stretching) yoga, it’s called Interval Yoga which combines deep stretching with high intensity movement. This form of yoga was invented by the bulgarian beauty Ali Kamenova. If your main motivation for yoga is losing weight/gaining muscle or definition, I highly recommend her youtube videos.

As I developed a body I was pleased with, I began dabbling in other forms of yoga. Some more slow, relaxing, others that held positions for 5 long, deep breaths.. etc. I now have a wide range of yoga series that I practice and I definitely feel like my body is thriving from it. The other great thing was that as I started looking more into yoga I began to read ALL of the amazing benefits! Yoga not only positively affects the body, but even more importantly- the mind.

I’ll be honest, I get stressed and overwhelmed pretty easily. I tend to hold in a lot of angst, stress, and grief, it’s just the way my mind processes things (INFJ.) But this can cause serious internal damage; stress on the body is even more detrimental than unhealthy food, lack of exercise, etc. But yoga has the ability to counteract that! It is not really the poses that are so healing, but the breathing, the focusing on the body, letting the mind become still and rest.





Yoga is beneficial for literally everyone. If you want to lose weight, stretch, detox, have better digestion, sleep better, have more focus, reduce stress, increase mental clarity– yoga is for you. And we all have at least one of those things we wish was better, right?

Even just five minutes a day, five minutes out of your 15-18 hour day is nothing and it offers SO many benefits! Do you think it’s definitely a possibility to add in a small daily practice into your daily routine? What benefits would you hope to achieve, what are you currently struggling with? Comment below and let me know! Maybe even tag a friend you’d like to start yoga with!



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