Wellness Gift Guide/Wish List

Dear Santa.. 


Hey wellness babes! So since Christmas is comin’ round the corner, I thought I would compile a list of things that are great for those who are wellness obsessed, or even just trying to get healthier. The list ranges in price so it’s great for all budgets! It may also give you some ideas of what to ask for from Santa. (And yeah, the majority of stuff on this list is on my current Christmas list ha.)

Foam Roller – great for sore muscles and stretching! 


Trampoline- Great for resistance training, lymph detox, and an easy/quick way to workout! 


Salt Lamp so good for EVERYTHING! Click here to read my blog on why you need them! 


Essential Oil Diffuser– Great alternative to candles! And with no nasties involved! I love the look of this one, but there are SO many to choose from!


Yoga Mat– Yoga is so popular (and for good reason.) Have a friend who’s getting serious with their relationship with yoga? Try Manduka, their mats are top of the line! 


Fascia Blaster– GREAT for muscle problems and cellulite!


Hydroflask Water Bottle– Arguably the best water bottle on the market! 


Blue Blocker Sunglasses– Can’t quite kick screens before bed? Try these- they’ll help with that blue light to not be as stimulating!

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 4.21.50 PM

Dry Brush– Detoxing, Exfoliating, Cellulite- you seriously need one of these. And so does everyone you know. (This one also comes with a exfoliating gloves AND a konjac sponge!!)


Vitamix– yeah, pricy. But if you can swing it, you will definitely not ever ever ever regret it. Best Blender ever! 


Jade Roller– If you’re lookin’ for ways to decrease wrinkles and increase collagen, look no further. This little tool contains so much magic! 



Hope you found this list useful! Is there anything else health/wellness related that you’re asking for for Christmas? Let a girl know! (My list could always use some revision 😉


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