Stop Drinking Poisonous Water

Don’t Tap That

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We all have to drink water to stay alive, but what if the water you’re drinking is slowly killing you?

I bet that got your attention.

Did you know that tap water contains a crap load of chemicals and contaminants?

“…Adding large amounts of extremely poisonous chemicals…Key scientist are now providing evidence that long-term ingestion of small amounts of chemicals like these could be the cause of some major health problems.” Source 

Some of the chemicals that are commonly found in our water:

  • Liquified Chlorine (reactive chemicals that bonds with water, including those in your gut which can produce poisonous hydrochloric acid)
  • Aluminum Sulphate (can cause burning, abdominal pain, vomiting)
  • Calcium Hydroxide (a poison that can cause severe internal damage)
  • Fluorosilicic Acid  (poisonous substance that can cause burning, abdominal cramps, vomiting, or collapse)
  • Sodium Silicofluoride (can cause irritation, lung problems, and bone and teeth disability)
  • Perchlorate (key ingredient in rocket fuel… ‘nuff said)
  • Dioxins (released during combustion from burning hazardous waste, forest fires, cigarette smoke, and burning oil and oil.)
  • Lead (found in the corroded pipes and can cause developmental issues, stunted growth, deafness, behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and brain damage.)
  • Mercury (although natural, it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Like lead, this can cause a whole bunch of internal problems due to its extreme toxicity.)

Yucky. Nasty. No thank you.

And that’s only a small list. Your tap water also contains pesticides, hormones, arsenic, and other heavy metals. *yikes*

Good News: you don’t have to drink this water.

(and dear God please don’t buy plastic bottled water, it’s so bad for the environment, and all of those chemicals from the plastic actually leach into the water.)

So you have some options:

A. Buy gallon water jugs and fill them up at your grocery store.

B. Buy a hook-up filter for your sink.

C. Buy a water filter pitcher.

I’ve done both A and C (B is too expensive), and honestly filling up waters every week sucks. It’s just another chore to add to your list, and if for some reason they don’t get filled up.. well you’re out of water my friend.

As far as water filter jugs goes, I’ve tried Britta and Pur, and they were okay, but it was made out of plastic, didn’t filter all that well, and you kept having to replace the filters like every 3 months. Which, of course, I didn’t do cause I forgot.

I really wanted something sustainable and that was excellent quality. I really didn’t want to have to worry about how tainted my drinking water was (your girl has enough to worry about.) So when I found out about Berkey Filters— I was hooked.

It’s definitely an investment, but a really awesome investment from which you immediately see the rewards. No filling up waters every week, no plastic water, no replacing filters, nothing. I literally just fill the tank up about every day from my sink and enjoy fresh, delicious, and (actual) natural water.

Berkey Filters has a bunch of different products and sizes depending on your needs. My husband and I got the Big Berkey (their most popular) and it’s perfect for us.

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It is a stainless steel two level tank that comes with two purification elements that remove 99.99% of everything bad in your water. You can literally go to a stream and filter that water, the filters are that good.

I seriously love mine so much, and from allll of the reviews I’ve read everyone else loves them too. It’s the most high quality, best performing water purification system you can buy for your house. It may take some time to save up for it/fit it into your budget, but it’s worth it. Isn’t clean water worth it? Isn’t your health worth it? Aren’t YOU worth it?

Yes. a million times yes.

What do you drink for clean water? Does it taste kinda funny.. and do you know why? **If you’re not sure if you’re even drinking enough water, click here to check out my previous blog post for some great tips on HOW to drink more water!**

Clean Water is one step to helping you become a WellSpring of Life.


reference: (centers for disease control and prevention)

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