DIY Enzyme Exfoliation Mask

Say BuhBye To Dull, Uneven Skin!

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Exfoliation is necessary for regeneration (aka beautiful glowy skin.) We exfoliate our body to slough off old, dead skin cells and let the new young cells shine through. This helps prevent wrinkles, heal breakouts, and reduce unnecessary oil production. However, the skin on our body is much thicker than that on our face so there should be different methods of exfoliation. Bodies can handle rough sugar/salt being vigorously rubbed, but on the face it will only cause microscopic tears which can worsen skin conditions. Thankfully, there’s chemical exfoliation! Don’t freak out, I’m definitely not going to promote those crazy harsh conventional products that pretty much rip off the first layer of skin. no way. There’s a much simpler way — Enzymes. They gently remove dead skin, dirt, and all other unwanted blockages from the skin. There are some natural enzyme exfoliating products out there; but if you don’t really want to drop more dough on a new product- there’s a great DIY! I use it all the time.


DIY Facial Enzyme Exfoliator


Papaya Enzyme Powder

Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother or Alcohol Free Witch Hazel


Optional: Lavender essential oil/Sandalwood Essential Oil (If you’re interested in signing up to get an awesome wholesale discount on essential oils, let me know!)


Spoon Out About 2 tsp Of Enzyme Powder

Mix With 1-2 tsp of Liquid, Depending on Your Preferred Consistency.

Add in Essential Oils

Apply To a Freshly Cleansed and Toned Face

Let Sit For 15 Minutes

Rinse Off, Tone, Apply Moistuizer

Repeat 1-2 Times Per Week

So easy and SO effective. I can see such a major difference when I use this mask. It really helps clear up breakouts/congestion, and heal old hyper-pigmentation. I like to do it at night and I wake up with super glowy skin. 

**HeadsUp**: You may feel a heated sensation when using the mask, but it shouldn’t be super intense! Your face will look a little red afterwards, but that’s a good sign. It will fade within 1/2 an hour.


Just check out that skin! Tiny pores and no wrinkles/fine lines in sight!



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