Lemon Juice On Your Face

When Life Gives You Lemons..

Squeeze It Onto Your Skin? 

Using lemons in beauty care has been been practiced for a very long time. Women use it to lighten their skin and hair, treat breakouts, cleanse skin, etc. This may have worked to some extent, but with new studies, we now know NOT put lemon juice onto our skin. And for good reasons:


Why You Should Keep Lemon Off Of Your Face:

  • Highly Acidic. Lemon juice has a PH of 2, and when applied, it immediately disrupts the skin’s acid mantle causing a ton of irritation on a cellular level.
  • Phototoxic. The oils in citrus can cause burns and rashes because they make your skin more sensitive to sun rays.
  • Unknown Strength of Treatment. The citric acid varies from fruit to fruit, so you can’t quite know how strong of a treatment you’re applying to your face.

There are, unfortunately, a lot of articles still going around today promoting the use of lemons on the skin. But hopefully this blog post will open your eyes and keep you from potentially really harming your skin. Keep the lemons in your water, you’ll achieve a much better result from internal use than external.


Lemonade for Everyone!




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