Loving Your Skin, Even As It Ages

Endless Search for Eternal Youth


Women fear getting older. We won’t be as attractive by society’s standards, things will droop, sag, wrinkle. We fear becoming less desirable. We fear the comparisons. We fear losing our ‘prime’ in our youth and then going downhill turning into an ugly and unwanted human being.

It sounds ridiculous, but it is so true. We put so much emphasis on how we look, and what we think we should look like that it has quite literally poisoned our minds.

Why else would women stick huge needles in their face? Or put balloons in their chest? Or go under surgery to have a doctor cut and sew their face so it looks like barbie?

This is Crazy! Madness! Insanity!

We hurt our physical bodies to try and tame our internal beast of self destruction.


Women go to such lengths to try and save a few years. What have we become? Are we above nature and time? Are we really trying to win so many battles, but know eventually we will lose the war?


It is time we try and stop fighting time and aging, but rather embracing it.


The french women, no matter their age, have this air of sexiness and beauty and class that has somehow alluded the americans.

What is it that they have? Better doctors? Better plastic surgeons?

No, my dears.

They have confidence. Confidence in themselves and their beauty. They welcome age with open arms instead of trying to slam the door on its face.

“Do not regret growing old. It is a privilege denied to many.”

Be happy and thankful for your life. Treat yourself with care and love, that is the most beautiful thing a woman can possess.


There is beauty in age that is not found in youth, remember that. 

Everything in the natural world ages and grows old, remember that.

Embrace change and be kinder to yourself, remember that. 


Hope this helps you, my dears. maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But maybe someday something will click and you will remember.


You are beautiful. 

Then. Now. and Always. 




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