Italian Fashion Inspiration

H E L L O.

(seinfeld reference)

So..I was just in Italy for 2 weeks!! 1 week in Rome, 1 week in Bologna (a super small, countryside town.) While enjoying the multitude of delicious food, beautiful people watching, ancient ruins.. I couldn’t help but notice the many, many CUTE outfits. Naturally, I jotted down a few I hoped to recreate in the good ol’ US of A.

Italian Outfit Inspiration

Culottes– okay, not popular in Florida but DANG are they popular in Italy! Such a fun, yet chic look and way cuter than typical jeans. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, but those blue and white stripes were my absolute fave. (thanks to the girl at the cafe wearing those with a grey top, white shoes, messy bun, and effortless beauty)


Oxfords– Saw these EVERYWHERE. Reminded me of Elaine Benes. They may look a little funky in photos, but seeing them on… total game changer. My favorite is the perforated wing tip. I love how classy they look, but can still be paired with a casual outfit.


Tweed Jacket– So I flew out of Milan the day after Fashion Week ended, so I’m pretty sure I saw a ton of models. One in particular was wearing all black, with doc martins and a grey tweed jacket. she looked so so cute. The more I looked into blazers the more I realized how popular they are in Europe. They instantly pull an outfit together, achieving the chic effortless cool girl look.


Tulle Skirt with Leather Jacket and Boots– Thank you older woman on the Subway- you are a lifetime fashion inspiration. She was wearing a long, dark tulle skirt, button down, leather jacket, and leather boots. She was also like 50. I couldn’t find an exact replica online, but they’re kind of similar! I love this idea for the colder months (or days for FL.)


All Black with Long Kimono– Only saw this once, but daaaaang Imma fan. It really doesn’t fall under the “Italian style”, but I love a bohemian flare. The all black outfit really accentuates the beautiful colors and patterns of the kimono. Plus, a stylish cape you can wear in public? Oh heck yeah.


Things Not Fashion Related, but Still Inspired By Those Italians:

  • HAVE TO wear perfume. and it better smell good. and there better be enough applied so that when you walk past someone they are temporarily put into a trance.
  • Enjoy all types of food. Gelato is not just enjoyed by tourists.
  • Dear Lord Have Mercy, I love that Limoncello.





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