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Benefits of Clay for Skin


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So I think it’s pretty well-known how beneficial detoxing is. We’re in constant contact with toxins, regardless of how healthy we aim to be. So detoxing is a must. Clay does an incredible job at doing this- it literally absorbs all the toxins and dirt and impurities and all the other bad stuff.

Clay has been around for centuries. I mean, obviously, it’s from the earth. But it has also beenused for centuries- people have been using it for it’s healing and detoxification properties. Clays draw out the impurities and then bind to it using electrical charges. So when you wash off the clay, you are removing all of those toxins as well! It’s so cool. 

There are various types of clays but the main ones are:

Bentonite Clay: This is the most popular and well-known clay, used not only for the skin but for the whole body. Bentonite is quite absorbent, and with the most detoxifying powers. This is a gray clay.

French Clay: Also called sea clay, this one is extremely absorbent making it especially beneficial for those with oily skin. People with dry skin should be wary as it would heighten the dryness and may cause more harm than good. French clay is green.

Rhassoul Clay: Another clay that’s great for oily skin, but it’s more gentle than the french clay. This is a red clay mined in Morocco.

Kaolin Clay: This is the most gentle clay, used more for softening and brightening rather than detoxifying. Because of how gentle it is it’s perfect for those with more sensitive skin. This is usually a white clay.

Clay is a miraculous, natural way to keeping your skin clear and toxin-free. It is best to use a clay mask once a week- too often may cause irritation. A great way to make a clay mask not too intense is to mix it with honey as honey is naturally moisturizing. Check out my detoxing mask as it is chock full of clays, honey, healing Essential Oils, and more!




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