DIY Painting Natural Stone Fireplace White





The longer we live in our house, the more things I want to change and the more projects I come up with. This being one of them. Unfortunately, our living room doesn’t get a ton of light, and I really wanted a brighter room. We painted the walls a light grey which helped, but with all of the darker browns and tans it didn’t really match. So to the fireplace I went!

The steps are simple, but it does take *q u i t e* a long time. So be prepared to dedicate some good hours, but trust me you will be SO happy that you completed this project because it looks bomb.


  • 1 large painting brush
  • 1 medium brush
  • 1 small- like for painting a canvas
  • 1 gallon of satin white paint that includes primer
  • drop cloth
  • painters tape
  • plastic bag(s)
  • a good show/podcast to have on in the background for distraction

**get brushes you won’t mind ruining**


  • clean stone- brush off dust and wipe down with damp terry cloth
  • lay down enough cloth surrounding the area you will be painting so it doesn’t get on the floors
  • start painting large areas of stone with large paintbrush, using a lot of paint to really get into the little divets
  • use medium paint brush to get in between the stone on the concrete
  • tape off the top and sides
  • go back in with small or medium brush to get the edges
  • tape large bag over the fireplace screen so you don’t get any paint on it
  • tape of inside surrounding screen
  • paint remainder of stone


Celebrate and admire your work and remind your husband multiple times of how FLIPPING AWESOME IT LOOKS!

(also be prepared to dream about it… I totally did)

It took me about 12-15 hours to complete. I would do a little bit each day for a couple hours before dinner.

Upcoming Projects:

Painting built-in bookshelf

hand painting the tile below the fireplace with cool moroccan design


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