My Experience with Acupuncture-pt 1 


Acupuncture: Being stuck with a ton of needles.. willingly. 

This is part of a series. I will continue to write new posts when there are updates that are worthy of announcement.

Health Background: (aka why I ever started acupuncture)

I am plagued with SIBO (small intestine bacteria growth.)Which pretty much means:  I’m frequently bloated, I randomly get these sharp, debilitating pains in my gut that render me unable to walk or even stand, I have a super limited amount of foods I can eat without feeling nauseous or bloated. It’s an awful problem that unfortunately a lot of people struggle with but aren’t aware of it. (If you think you’re a candidate, ask your doctor for a breath test.)

I’ve had this for a couple years, now. First thinking it was just certain foods causing it, but it progressively got worse and worse despite eliminating more foods from my diet. I eventually went to a holistic doctor who prescribed a bunch of tests, and eventually referred me to an Acupuncturist. Who is thankfully a doctor who also practices in the same building.

I had  been reading about acupuncture for a couple years, always super curious but never dived in because I didn’t want to spend the money. Well I now had a really good reason, so I was not only excited about healing my body, but also learning about one of the coolest, most ancient practices out there!

We had an initial consultation and because of my serious condition she recommended I see her once a week for a couple months to start, and then reassess to see how my body was healing. I already liked her, she was super knowledgable with no nonsense, and I could tell she actually cared for me and my wellbeing- which is hard to find in conventional doctors.

First Treatment:

Laying on a paper covered table, head on a pillow, legs propped up on a pillow, in a dark, warm room, ears filled with soothing music. Before the needles, she took my pulses on each wrist, and felt around my stomach to see where the pain was. I couldn’t look as she poked my legs, feet, hands, arms, stomach, ears and head. I have a weird thing with needles. Not gonna lie, a few of them hurt which I wasn’t expecting. But then she left the room and let me lay for twenty l o n g minutes. With it being my first time I had a really hard time relaxing. I definitely didn’t fall asleep like a lot of people do. My mind kept whirring around with all the lists I needed to check off, then also these crazy waves of extreme grief came over me, like a full on mind and body detox. Afterwards though, I felt so good and relaxed and had this beautiful pink glow.


I just finished my fifth treatment and each time it is more and more enjoyable. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep last time! I can tell a huge difference in my body already, and it’s only been a little over a month. For one, my eyes don’t have crazy burning sensations anymore, I don’t feel exhausted at 3, and I am becoming less frequently bloated! I also feel more relaxed and “even.” Before I began my treatment, I really did feel like butter spread over too much bread. Thin, fragile, always on the verge of crying.. totally not healthy. I am so thankful for the opportunity and ability to heal my body in this natural way, and my doctor is amazing. She never misses a moment to teach me, and is so willing to answer all of my questions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments! I would be more than happy to help.

*You are your own health representative. You have the power to be in control of how you are treated. If you do not agree with a doctor’s assessment, or feel uncomfortable, feel free to say no and do your own research. Doctors don’t know everything. And every body is different.*



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