Road Trippin’ Travel Tips (pt 2)

now say that ten times fast

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So on our trip to and from New Hampshire, James and I had to drive separate vehicles. James was pulling the trailer and it would be all wacked out if we had attached my 4runner to the back of the trailer which was already attached to James’ hitch.

Making the 30 hour trip is no fun, and it’s especially no fun when you have to do it alone. So I thought I would share my tips for making trips all by your lonesome self: 

You absolutely need multiple forms of entertainment; audiobooks, podcasts, music, and sometime even just someone to call. (Hi, Mom) 

Bring your ipod with all of your music, and have that baby on shuffle; you will be pleasantly surprised when music you haven’t listened to in years comes on (hello short but oh so passionate boy band phase)

Put your bass setting on the highest level possible.

Have a multitude of books on tape with different genres; I recently learned that depressing romantic books don’t do the best on long trips.

Snacks; you need them. you will desire them. Even though your body isn’t moving at all, you will find that you will be hungry 99% of the time. Maybe from the boredom, maybe from using that brain power, either way you need snacks. 

Recommended snacks- nuts – (great source of protein, fat, and carbs) they will keep you full and they don’t need to be prepared or refrigerated // fruit – delicious, juicy, hydrating, sweet // veggies – like carrots, cucumbers, celery- anything that can be cut up into small sticks // crackers (and if you’re skilled you can also bring some hummus so you can dip while driving) // smoothie – a liquified meal- hello. 

The whole water situation is tough- you will get thirsty, but you will also have to stop more often to pee so its a funky balance *****also***** singing, although a great way to pass the time, it will immediately make you thirsty 

Dancing is also great- and driving will give you the opportunity to learn some sweet shoulder, head, chest, and hand dance moves. ( nothing below the waist obviously, you would get into an accident) 

If at the end of the day you’re starting to get mad ancy, roll the windows down, blast music, and dance and sing your heart out 

Wear layers- you don’t want to be hot or cold.

Try and stretch before, after and maybe even during your day trip- your hips, knees, shoulders, and neck will get all outta-wack. 

bring sunglasses- not only for those sunny days, but they can also be really useful during a rainstorm when it’s hard to see. the sunglass tint will make is easier to see the lines in the road and other lights. 

If you are staying at truck stops, you need earplugs for when you sleep- some guys don’t turn their trucks off at night and it’s insanely loud. 


And that’s pretty much all I have for ya.




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