Winter Wonders



just thought i would throw this one in because i look crazy- but thats real life ya got me

Although winter was grey, windy, isolating, and freezing… 

There are a few positive things that it brought; 

I’ve become a better soup maker (I really know the anatomy of a chicken now)

I understand the insane importance of moisturizing

Fire? I can build that

I can now feel confident that if I ever travel to another cold area, I will know what to pack

baths are lifesavers (showers bring me closer to a freezing death)

I can now comfortably sleep on a twin bed with my husband (warmest room in the house)

God bless heaters and humidifiers

I now really know I don’t do well with an extended period of cold weather

Uggs are friggin’ amazing- best slipper ever

I can wear the same three outfits for months and not care

I really found some good movies and tv shows

So I suppose any experience can lend some benefit. No matter the temperature.


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