Oh Time, why are you so silent? 

He truly is a thief in the night.

My past seems so far from me. I remember the life I had and it doesn’t even feel like mine. I feel so disconnected.

Maybe it’s caused from the isolation. Or maybe it’s normal. These memories bring both joy and sadness. I can remember the life so clearly, but it feels like ages ago that I was actually there.

Maybe it’s caused from all of the recent life changing events. Or maybe.


maybe it’s just the effect of Time.

and his need for taking.

But I suppose I can’t blame anyone. To give and take is Time’s purpose.

I can’t blame myself because I enjoyed what I had when I had it, right?

That girl I remember is a part of me, but she doesn’t complete me like she once did. I am her and I am others and I am me. So full of memories and mystery.

Is it possible to be split between two times? The past and present usually overlap, but they seem so distinct and separate in my mind.


And then there’s the future.

and who knows about that.



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