Body Image

Ah, yes. Body Image.

I don’t think it’s possible to go through a woman’s blog/journal/conversation without there being at least one mention of body image. It is, unfortunately, the most common topic that girls/women are constantly thinking of/judging/comparing/crying over. Some women have it harder than others, but we all suffer with that demon.

I haven’t researched this, but I’m 99% sure this all started with the invention of advertising. Companies wanting to sell something and make it look as desirable as possible. And what better advocate than a beautiful woman with perfect proportions, clothes, skin, the whole package? But who even invented the idea of the ‘whole package?’Who decided what was best and most desirable? Did they run tests? Did they call up every single male in the whole world from every time period and ask their preferences?

I highly doubt it.

No, someone figured it out by advertising. Or they created it from advertising- I have no clue. But we have in our midst a real life Frankenstein and his Monster dilemma.

Regardless of which came first, (the chicken or the egg), women have been suffering ever since. It’s gotten so bad that we don’t even realize it anymore, we simply look at ourselves in the mirror and think ‘I’m not good enough. My boobs aren’t big enough, my face isn’t perfectly symmetrical, why can’t I have longer legs, is my nose too big’ and the list literally goes on, and on, and on.

We have been comparing ourselves to a fictional idea of perfection.

We’ve all been brainwashed and it’s become such a plague that it’s infested the very fiber of our being.

I have struggled, as many others, and it’s a constant decision every second of every day to not think of myself as ‘less than.’ It’s a constant mental choice I make to not think ‘Oh, if only I had bigger boobs and a bigger butt, if only I was a bit taller, if only I had perfect skin,’ etc. It feels as if I am at war with myself. And for some reason it is so much easier to think of myself with all of these “imperfections,” when it’s so much worse for me and my well being. Why can’t it be the natural reaction to look in the mirror and love what you see? It should be! You should love your body, it’s not like you should have a choice. Your body is perfect because it is yours! You were given this miraculous body that does incredible things and it is yours! No one else has the same one, and no one else will.

I just don’t understand why it is such a struggle to love ourselves.

Because our deepest, most raw reaction and reasoning to everything in life is to survive. We are supposed to stay alive,  we are supposed to want to stay alive. So why is it that, seemingly, nature would be going against itself? How can hating the body you’re in promote survival? It doesn’t even make sense scientifically! To be the best person you can be, health is the key. But health is made up of your physical and mental. You cannot separate the two.

So when you wish you looked different, when you tell your body that you wish it was different, you are literally going against what you were created to do. A divided house cannot stand, and so a person divided in two cannot thrive. You cannot love yourself but hate your body. It is impossible. You are ONE being. But you are made up of a million different parts. And in order to work properly all areas must work together.

I know it’s hard though. Trust me. But the best things in life are never easy. Women are so strong and powerful, how could we let something as petty as our skewed image of ourselves bring us down? We are better than this.

Tell yourself you are beautiful. Look in the mirror and say it. Repeat it again and again and again until you come back to your senses.

Do not be a slave to that demon. Conquer it. You can and will.

all my love. xx


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