Here and Now

Hey babesababesbabe.

I have life updates. For me personally, not the normal James+Joanna combo I usually write about.

  1. I started a business! well I began it awhile ago, but it’s actually in motion now. I have insurance, a website, business cards, so I’m pretty much a professional. Ha yeah. I have been doing some craft shows here and there, while also selling online at Etsy and my own website. The business is called Moon + Sea and I create all natural and organic beauty products! It’s pretty dope, and I really want to succeed at this.
  2. I’m going to school! It’s an online school called the School of Integrative Nutrition. I’m learning all about health and diets and food and wellness and it’s so great. At the end I will be a certified Holistic Health Coach! This is a passion of mine and I’m so blessed to be able to pursue it.
  3. Currently trying to heal my gut. I have digestive issues where pretty much everything I eat causes stomach pain…. it’s pretty horrible. I was going to one doctor but he was having me take 65 vitamins A DAY. and after two months there was literally no change. So now I’m using Dr Axe’s Leaky Gut Program and I reallly hope it works. Fingers Crossed.
  4. Well, as you would have read in the previous post I/we are moving! So that’s big news.

And that’s about all of the new news.

love love.



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