Do you ever have those times in life where you keep coming back to the same word?

Like when you’re giving advice to friends, you’re learning in school, or even just when random thoughts enter your head?

I’ve been experiencing this sensation for a good half year now. and my word is – Balance. It has been that steady thought through all sorts of situations. I’m so aware now that everything in life is centered around balance. And I do mean everything.

You must constantly find the line between too much or too little and just enough. And I don’t think this is a one time deal- we are constantly moving and changing and so our ideas must as well. It’s so interesting how complex humans are. And the best part is that we never really have it all ‘together.’ Contentment isn’t a place, it’s a journey.

Some recent things I’ve been learning to balance: 

being a wife, but also being my own person

being really healthy, but also not letting it control me

loving myself and my body, but also realizing that all stages in life are beautiful and to appreciate how time ages and changes you

being independent, but also realizing that friends and community are vital

being excited for the future, but also being just as happy with the present

being free and easy going, but also keeping sight of  and working towards those ultimate dreams and goals



I’m 22. I’m young. I have the world ahead of me, and the world behind me. Don’t take time too seriously. Enjoy everything. And rejoice in the breath inside of you.



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