This post is unplanned and I am inevitably unprepared. I merely sat down to look at previous posts from my previous blog, and I suddenly got inspired to write something!

Life at this very moment- 

waiting for lentils to finish cooking

hungry, and not wanting to eat the said lentils

James is watching golf videos

It is windy outside, but at least I can see blue skies

Still hungry, and am now eating a grapefruit

I just want a massive hamburger


Well, I suppose this post is a good segway into an update for our *unplanned* life.

We recently made the trip to FL for Christmas- the best holiday ever ever ever. So we were surrounded by family and friends and the beautiful familiarity of fellowship. We have been isolated, more or less, for a couple years now? Pretty much since we’ve been married. We had our trip and then we moved to a place where we knew no one and where the population was 98% retirees. James has his golf so he’s much more involved with the human race than me, but it still isn’t enough.

Since moving here we’ve come to the realization that without community, it doesn’t matter how beautiful a place is, community matters more than any of that. I was reminded of “Into the Wild” where he made the connection in the last part of his life that without having people to share life with, there is no point. So when we were finally surrounded by those we love and who love us, we decided to make the move back to FL.

We are being drawn to an area, and that is what we have been searching for and waiting for since we got married.

We have to wait a few months to move because, you know, winter storms don’t exactly make the best traveling weather. But we at least have a plan.






2 thoughts on “Unplanned

  1. Gina says:

    I’m excited you’re moving to Fla! Maybe we’ll get to see each other more! That’s really wise to prioritize community…I’m drawn to live in more beautiful places too, but I can imagine it’s hard being so lonely <3

    • joji says:

      Yes me too!!
      Ha yeah. Sometimes though the beautiful places do have lots of opportunity for friends and fellowship, we just never found that place for us!

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