South to North

So what do you get when you take a white Florida girl and move her to a white New England world?

a pale, cold, (and still white) girl.


You guys, it’s cold. I don’t think I can stress that four letter word enough. We have snow, wind, rain, clouds, and all the layers. I’ve gotten to the point where I wear the same seven articles of clothing every day. And I’m not exaggerating;

1.tank top

2. long sleeve shirt

3. fleece sweater

4. down parka

5. thermals

6. jeans

7. duck boots


beanie and scarf.

(sometimes a wool coat)


I’m thankfully a research fanatic so I discovered what the warmest clothing is. I look ridiculous and dress way warmer than the locals but I really don’t care anymore.

I will say though that the snow is absolutely beautiful. It’s amazing how instantly it can change the landscape into a magical wonderland. We have gone hiking once since it snowed and ****heart eyes**** major heart eyes. Our faces were numb but it was a great experience. The next time we go hiking we’ll have to use snowshoes cause that jank is DEEP. It’s been snowing pretty consistently and there is  a foot and a half+ in our yard.

I think one of the greatest feelings is waking up and seeing a fresh blanket of snow. It’s like Christmas but not on Christmas, and I love Christmas so I welcome any sort of Christmas feel with open arms. (I tried to use Christmas as many times as possible in that sentence because Christmas is my favorite holiday and it’s coming up so soon!!!!)

So, yes. I have become even more of a hermit since the cold started, but at least I have a pretty view.


PS- I think I discovered the greatest thing. It’s an online thrift store called ThredUp. You can buy cute clothes for a way lesser price and the clothes are all in really good condition. I recently made an order for winter clothes (cause lets be honest, I had none) and when I got my package all of the clothes looked brand new. So, check it out. Stop fast fashion and reduce your consumption and reuse what we already have.

You can shop here-


bye, lovelies




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