change of tides

As common as it is, as often as it arises, as much as you may try and prepare for it,

change is not something that comes easy.

It does not matter if it is something that is so wonderful and needed, something that has been waited for and dreamed about… nothing comes without sacrifice. It may be small and insignificant, but you must always lose one thing in order to gain another.

Our recent move from the homeland of Florida to New Hampshire was, for the most part, stress free. Although new and unknown, New Hampshire is beautiful. We are stationed near a small town, surrounded by trees, lakes, and mountains. There is so much for us here.


But you can’t help the soft knocking of memories from old times. They sneak in when all is silent. You hear them knocking and cannot help but open the door.

Those memories of living with family; having that warm remembrance surround and engulf you. Remembering the days of freedom and security and being worry-free. Even the smallest memories come with a huge wave of emotion.


But you must always remember.

Yes, that part of your life was beautiful and it will always be a sacred, safe place. But life is in constant motion and it can never be stopped, so you must not dwell on the things that have come and gone. You have the present and future. And, even though they are not as well-known, they still hold beauty and importance.

Always be thankful.

but never forget.

and always keep your eyes and heart open.


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