The Things I’ll Miss About Living In A Trailer

Ha .. aha … ahaha ..

yeah, right.

We’re finally moving into a house!!! Finally after about a year and 7 months we are going to be in a place with 7 times the space. If you can’t read my smile through these words then check your glasses.

We’ve been nearly all over the country in search of our “to be” homeland where we would settle down- i.e buy a house, make babies, you know the drill. It has taken us much much much much much longer than expected, but it is maybe finally here! After much deliberation we have decided to temporarily rent in the fine New England State of New Hampshire. We are going to rent through the winter season ..(7 months mind you), to see if us Floridians can handle the harsh and long winters. God Willing. because without that fire of God I’m sure I’ll freeze to death.

But yes, we are finally one step closer to settling down like all humans must do eventually. We will be moving from our 240 sq ft trailer to a 1500 sq ft home. Irony would have it though that the only house we were able to find to rent would be a modular home..

but hey, a step up is a step up no matter how small a step it may be.

I believe I have earned the right as a new wife living in a tiny trailer for the beginning of marriage to list, first, all of the things I will not miss about this extremely humble abode.

  1. kitchen size. like how can i meal plan with a tiny fridge. or make a meal with almost no counter space. or have such a tiny sink that from only one meal it looks like a small bomb went off in the trailer and threw everything into chaos.
  2. what the funk is that smell. yeah. no comment.
  3. there’s just stuff… literally everywhere, like everywhere everywhere. i try to clean up and make things nice but that doesn’t last long. plus we are literally busting at the seams. no, i take that back. we have busted through the seams and now our possessions have taken over the ship.
  4. neighbors. and dogs. and squirrels. and any other such creature that emits noise when others are trying to sleep. plus RV park neighbors aren’t usually the normal ones.
  5. TAKE THE SPIDERS AWAY PLEASE. i don’t know what it is but the older i get the worse i am with spiders. i just cant handle.
  6. cant walk, wont walk. oh you want two people to pass each other while in the same area? YEAH OKAY GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. also, no snuggles cause dat couch is for small children.
  7. inevitable depression. hard for someone to dream big when they’re stuck in a box. ya feel me.
  8. random things breaking. yeah cool we don’t need ceiling lights to see. oh cool i love not being able to use the other slide-out and being even more cramped. cool cool.
  9. insulated?  four seasons? um i don’t think so. sure the cold seems to stay but that heat doesn’t.
  10. no friends. sorry, we don’t have room for other humans.

HOWEVER. there is something I will miss about living in the trailer.

  1. the short amount of time it takes to clean the floors.

The End.


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