We walked SO much, so so much. We were only there for four days and we went to museums every. single. day. And these aren’t those small museums you can check off your list after an hour, no.. these museums are ginormous. We went to the Field Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry, Alder’s Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium, Willis Tower, and still managed to walk around downtown a bit to see the Bean, Picasso’s Statue, and all of the hustle and bustle. There was this super great deal going on where you could buy the CityPass, which included passes to 5 museums/attractions for half off! So we totally snatched that up.


The Field Museum was unnnnbbeeeelivable. SO many things to see. We were there for six hours and still only managed to see about 80%, and we were walking and looking at stuff the entire time. I’m not even one to get all hyped up on history and I really enjoyed this museum.


Art Institute of Chicago was freakin’ sweet as well. My favorites were the Impressionism/Modern/Post-Modern sections, but they had so much more than that. From Greek pottery to Middle Aged suits of armor to Salvador Dali. Even James enjoyed it!


Museum of Science and Industry was off the chain. If you’re a Floridian and went to MOSI as a kid… well, this place totally blows MOSI out of the water into another space continuum. This thing had it all- submarine, actual airplane, tornado maker, 3D model that showed you what your actual heartbeat looked like.. (my favorite,) and a ton of other cool stuff. If I lived there with kids I would definitely be a regular visitor.

Alder’s Planetarium. Space. Really cool, they have cool short movies/lectures about the universe and planets and stars and galaxies and dark matter. They also have a lot of little rooms dedicated to certain aspects of space; planets, asteroids, moon landing, etc. This museum wasn’t as big as the previous three, and I was honestly getting kind of tired of walking, so it wasn’t my favorite but we still had fun.

Shedd Aquarium was huge! We went here after we finished the Planetarium because it was our last day and we had already been to various aquariums in other states, but it was still really fun. We weren’t able to see everything, but from what we did see it was a really nice museum. They even had belugas and dolphins! If you decide to visit Chicago and want to see the aquarium, I would recommend dedicating an entire day because it will take that long.

IMG_6068 IMG_6080

Willis tower was awesome, the main attraction was the Skydeck…. standing in a glass room over Chicago… 1,353 ft in the air. The sun was behind some clouds so we got to see these really pretty sun rays shining all over Chicago. It was a bit cloudy that day so we weren’t able to see the other states as people say you can, but I’m still really glad we were able to do it. And no, it’s not that terrifying unless you have a really really really bad fear of heights.

I was also able in Chicago to expose James to some delicious Polish food!! He loved it. Unfortunately we didn’t get to experience a famous chicago hot dog… next time.


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