The Long and Winding and Bumpy and Construction-Obsessed Road — an ode to Canada


Driving through Canada. The journey back home to the lower 48.
JRA_6285It really is a beautiful drive. Endless mountains, forests, rivers, and fields full of dandelions. Again, we have been blessed with wildlife; bears, elk, mountain goats, buffalo, and I’m sure more as we finish the drive within the next couple of days.

The journey back through Canada is going a lot quicker than the first drive. It may be because we know what to expect or that long drives day after day isn’t quite as horrible as it was before.


We decided to go another route and pass through Jasper National Park which was such a beauty. We, unfortunately, only stayed one night because we were both too exhausted from the previous ten hour drive to do any hiking, but that did not distract us from the seemingly unending beauty. Both of us wished to stay another day, but it just didn’t work out in our plan. If you have the option of visiting Jasper, I would definitely recommend it. There’s also a really cute town outside of it, reminded me of a college town.

It’s funny because now that we’re moving more down south, the sun is starting to set sooner and sooner. In Alaska we could stay out all night and there would always be some little light. But now… what is this darkness!? It’s great at night though, one can get back into that normal sleep time and not have to hang heavy blankets from the windows. Canada is beautiful but I am excited to get back into the ‘USofA’! Because America rocks, dude.


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