Denali National Park

Of course- Beautiful.

What else would you expect? This national park was the least developed park we have visited. You can only drive fifteen miles into the actual park, and then you are required to take a school bus (for 30 buckaroos) into the rest of the park. We decided to opt out of this feature because ::::

1. it was 8 hours long 2. sitting on a school bus for a lengthy amount of time isn’t the most comfortable 3. you couldn’t really get out and explore, if you did you had to wait for the next bus which would take who knows how long 4. we had already been extremely blessed in the nature department 5. well, we’re lazy and spoiled.

We did however drive the fifteen miles into the park and hiked a beautiful trail. I seriously felt like I was back in Ireland with the cloudy skies, rolling green hills with large rocks scattered everywhere. It was quite enchanting.


We were also SO excited to come across… TWO MALE CARIBOU!! we stalked them for a good thirty minutes. Keeping a good distance of course. But they were magnificent. I personally feel they’re much prettier than moose- they remind me of deer in their elegancy, but more powerful. I still have to go through the photos from that day on my camera, but I will post some later.

So thankful for beauty.


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