Tips for Road Trippin’ Travel (pt 1)


As fun as travel is, you gotta know some ground rules. Some common sense, some so common they’re easily forgotten. Never hurts to have a reminder.

Food– so important- snacks, lunches, water, snacks, snacks, snacks. Because when you’re in a vehicle for hours, there’s not much else to do but eat. But hey, eating is great so who’s complaining. We try to stay healthy with our food, but sometimes those honey BBQ’d fritos are just too hard to resist.

Water– Totally need to stay hydrated. You forget you need to drink water because you’re so sedentary but then you arrive at your destination and you’ve got the worst headache.

Clothing– Well, yes, clothing is usually required in most areas, especially to prevent accidents and whatnot. We don’t need a reenactment of that Seinfeld episode. But Back to Business- even though it may be one temperature when you leave one spot, obviously, theres a big chance the weather could totally turn on you. Must haves in the vehicle- jacket, rain jacket, close-toed shoes. You never know when you might have an impromptu hike or something.

Books– reading is great and totally passes the time, but make sure you take breaks because you’ll end up with a stiff neck and sore eyes.

Music– Uh, gotta keep the jams rollin. Podcasts are great too. And books on tape.

Stretch– Before, after, on quick stops, whenever you can really. Your body is gonna grow old quickly just sitting there.

Patience– to put it bluntly- THE MAJORITY OF THE ROADS IN THE US ARE ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Bump heaven. It’s pretty ridiculous. You’d think that because driving is the most popular and convenient way of travel that people would care more about the upkeep of their roads. But heck no, seems like every five seconds you’ve got to brace yourself before it feels like you’re about to be launched into space.

Flexibility– kind of goes hand in hand with patience… you never know when something isn’t going to work out, always best to have a ‘go with the flow’ attitude or else your trip isn’t going to be all that super.

Camera– always always always have a camera around. You never know when there’s gonna be an amazing view, wildlife, or whatever. Documenting is key for travel.

And that’s really all of the basics. Kinda just improvise and do whatever to stay happy and occupied. I once tried to paint my nails in the truck- probably won’t do that again.

Here’s an alpaca or llama or whatever it is. why hello


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