The Beginning —- Because One is the Loneliest Number

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You never really know what you’re going to say for your First; first kiss, first job interview, first day of school, first date. You may have a plan or somewhat of an outline for conversation possibilities, but lets be honest, the more you plan the more you end up blurting out whatever comes to mind because you made yourself so nervous and confused…Or maybe thats just me. In any case, this blog is my first, and I’m not going to avoid the inevitable. So here’s my first post of my first blog, it’s going to be full of words and things and ideas that may or may not be eloquently strung together in a beautiful poem. (Because it won’t be)

Blog Birth Explanation

    In recent years, I’ve become attached to the word ‘Extraordinary.’ But I don’t mean ‘wow, man, boom, bang, pow, just check it out it’s totally and utterly the coolest thing ever,’ because when you think of something being extraordinary, nothing that is short of sheer amazing comes to mind. I’ve more so dissected it into the two words that make it up- Extra and Ordinary. I aim to expose the word in a different light- living life so simply and ordinary that it becomes the most fulfilling life one could ever imagine. I’ve never been one for flashing lights, big loud obnoxious places stuffed between a million other people. Nor have I ever been drawn to sitting in an office my entire life with the end goal of making a ton of money for which I could buy everything I would ever want.

No, I have always wanted simplicity; a loving husband, children, house with a garden, surrounded by family and friends. I wanted to explore the world, I really just wanted to experience life as fully as possible- seeing new things, meeting new people, and building a life full of color. Nothing eccentric or unnecessary that distracts us from the important things in life. And so that is where my ‘Extra-Ordinary’ comes into play- for when one is extra-ordinary, one becomes Extraordinary because it is their life in the raw, pure sense. Who could possibly ask for anything more?

Hope that makes sense, I feel like I have a better explanation written in some journal stuffed in some corner, but like I said in the beginning – the Firsts are never completely clear and organized. But that’s what makes them special.


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