Road Trippin, Yo

So my husband and I are beyond blessed. More blessed than he or I could have ever dreamed. We are currently into our fourth month of traveling across country in our truck and travel trailer……. DUDE. WOW.

Started in FL and currently in AK. I tell you what we have seen some amazing things. Beautiful places for sure. God is one heck of an artist. As I write this post we are en route to Denali National Park from Anchorage. We have spent so many hours in the truck driving, so many that I don’t even want to calculate a rough estimate.

Our route kinda went like this — Florida —> Georgia —-> Tennessee —> Colorado —> Utah —> Arizona —> Nevada —> California —> Oregon —> Washington —> Canada —-> Alaska

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 9.53.16 AM

***Definitely needed help remembering all of the places we’ve been, kinda all just blurs together***

We stopped at the majority of all of the National parks, some state parks, big cities, etc. So far, Alaska is by far our favorite. California had a freakin’ beautiful coast, but Alaska has it all (including ridiculously cold winters, but thats why you visit in the summer.) Mountains, ocean, lakes, rivers, loads and loads of incredible wildlife.

I would love to encourage traveling. Not necessarily anything as extensive as the one we’re currently embarking on, but just something new to add to your life story. Exploring, hiking, camping, or even just sight seeing. There is so much in our world, and I feel it would be a waste to go about life and not even really see what’s outside of your front door. And there are so many economical ways of doing it- seasonal jobs, traveling jobs, WWOOFing, etc. If you really have a desire, you can figure out a way to make it work. Life is so short and I feel that the goals society pushes on us aren’t always the most important. Live so that you can happily remember it, and so that you have good stories to tell.

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